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Employment Disputes

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Employment matters can rapidly turn from small issues into big ones. We provide strategic and methodical advice to help employers minimise their risk of irreparable damage.

Employment disputes can be highly unpredictable. They often arise without warning, require a rapid response and involve a significant degree of emotion. Employers can be caught out if they do not take the right action at the right time.

We protect employers in relation to all types of employment disputes, including:

  • general protections claims;
  • unfair dismissal claims;
  • sexual harassment complaints;
  • protecting confidential information;
  • restraint of trade matters; and
  • employee misconduct matters.


Employment matters are seldom one dimensional. The emotional toll on colleagues, co-workers and managers often distracts employers from going about their business. Legal and financial risks, including losing customers, must also be considered when navigating these matters.

Our approach is to:

  • conduct careful analysis of the legal and tactical factors;
  • work with you to understand your objectives;
  • tailor a strategy and solution which minimises your risk and which is designed to achieve your objectives; and
  • methodically executing the strategy and adapting if circumstances change.

We focus on relentlessly pursuing your objectives and not losing focus. We are pragmatic negotiations and fierce advocates. If a dispute arises with one of your employees, you will want us in your corner.

Employment Disputes
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Do I have to go to Court?

Achieving a mutually agreed outcome outside of Court is usually the first port of call. If that is not possible, seeking the assistance of the Court may be an available option.

When should I get a lawyer involved?

Time is usually of the essence with disputes. We have seen situations in the past where issues have been caused due to clients coming to us too late after the dispute originally arose. So, it is usually sensible to get in touch with a lawyer once the dispute arises.

Do you deal with disputes relating to contractors too?

Yes, absolutely.

I think an employee may have breached their restraint of trade. What do I do?

Please click here for our restraint breach page.

How do you charge?

Trust is one of our core values. We pride ourselves on not causing 'bill shock'. Our usual approach is to provide you with a clear and transparent fee quote to ensure that there are no surprises. You can then make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed or not.

Can you help me with employment contracts?

Yes, we can. We regularly assist our clients to prepare and negotiate employment contracts of all shapes and sizes (including executive employment contracts). We can also assist with independent contractor agreements.

Employment Disputes
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