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Business Restructures

Want to change your business structure? There are often several ways. We can help assess and navigate the available options, and implement proposed restructures.

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State Taxes

State taxes are prevalent. We help you to understand the tax landscape, reduce risk and move forward with certainty.

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Tax Advice

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax.” (Albert Einstein). We advise on all complex tax issues concerning private businesses, family groups and high net-worth individuals.

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Tax Disputes

Facing a dispute with a tax authority? We help you to assert your rights, take decisive action and minimise the consequences.

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Transaction Structuring

About to do a significant transaction? Poor deal structuring can lead to a bigger than necessary tax bill. We help you to structure deals tax-effectively and avoid regret.

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Trusts are commonly used as a vehicle for private family groups, businesses and investment purposes. We help you to realise the opportunities and navigate the risks.

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