Tax Advice

We love tax. We advise on all aspects of tax. Whether state taxes, federal taxes, international tax or superannuation, we will have you covered.

Tax Disputes

Inevitably, tax disputes arise. We are dedicated to managing your risk, dealing with Revenue authorities, and minimising disruptions to your life and business.


Trusts can provide asset protection and flexible structures. They are also extremely complex. We provide expert advice and guidance regarding all aspects of trusts.

Sale or Purchase of a Business

Buying or selling a business is incredibly exciting. However, there are a number of legal traps along the way. We will ensure that you navigate the legal issues and achieve the best possible commercial outcome.

Business Structuring / Restructuring

An appropriate business structure is crucial. It must consider your commercial objectives, tax, asset protection and other legal issues. Restructuring may also be necessary as your business evolves and your needs change over time.

Business Succession

The death or retirement of a business owner is often a tumultuous time. For that reason, business succession planning is essential. We will ensure that the succession of your business is as smooth as possible, and causes minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Estate Planning

You have worked hard to build your wealth. Ensure that you have put in place strategies to protect your personal assets from unforeseen circumstances such as bankruptcy, testator family maintenance claims and other claims.

Co-Owned Business Advice

Business co-ownership is a great way of putting like-minded people together. However, whether starting off, or bringing in co-owners later, there are many co-ownership risks that can arise. We provide solutions that protect you against those risks.

Property Development

Property development can be lucrative. However, property development involves a minefield of tax issues, asset protection issues and commercial issues. We will solve those issues for you, and ensure an end to end solution for you through our network of Property, Planning and Conveyancing lawyers.

Trade Marks

Trade mark registration is important to protect and enhance the value of your business. We can assist you with the registration of new trade marks. We work closely with our professional network to provide peace of mind in the event of an intellectual property dispute.


Franchising laws allow franchisees and franchisors to work together for mutual benefit under a common brand and system. Whether you are establishing a new franchise, or joining an existing network, obtaining expert legal advice will provide you with a platform for success.

Fitness Industry

Our team are recognised as leading legal advisors to the fitness industry. We understand the unique challenges faced by business owners who operate in this space. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored advice, practical solutions and fitness industry specific insights.

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